Lenovo ThinkPad T420


The T series remains Lenovo's premier line of laptops, aimed at corporate and enterprise users. IBM introduced the T series as part of their ThinkPad brand in 2000. From the time of its inception, the series was designed to balance speed and mobility. Despite a 14.1-inch screen, similar to desktops at the time, the titanium composite body on the laptop was designed to keep the weight as low as possible.



IBM: 2000 — 2005

Lenovo: 2005 — Present

Type Notebook computer

L2. Lenovo Thinkpad T420

30 000,00₹ Prix original
25 500,00₹Prix promotionnel
  • Lenovo ThinkPad T420

    Core i5 Processor

    2nd Generation

    8gb ram

    1tb hdd

    14" display

    2kg weight

    Intel hd 3300 Graphics

    Original windows 10 Pro

    Ms office

    Original adapter

    1 year on-site warranty